Green Burial and Cremation Options


Burial and Cremation Options


Founds-Feryo Cremation and Burial Services, LLC is one of a few select providers that offer green preparation and care of human remains, merchandise, products and burials. As a member of the Green Burial Council, we support and advise families wishing to have a natural or eco-friendly funeral service.

For thousands of years, humankind has cared for their dead in harmony with nature. Whether called earth-friendly, natural, green or eco-sensitive, our firm honors individuals who have lived lives and held beliefs that the preservation of the environment is critical for generations to come. Body preparation suitable for a green funeral service by this funeral home consists of refrigeration, the use of topical sprays/compounds, or arterial embalming with essential oils.  Using these techniques, we can aid in a funeral or visitation in the place of your choosing – whether it be the funeral home, your church or even a private residence. With that in mind, we offer alternative methods for preparation of human remains, shrouds and other burial garments, and multiple basic biodegradable caskets that are suitable for a simple return to the earth.

While green cemetery options are limited in the Chester County area, we are prepared to aid in finding a suitable location.

For those that desire cremation, viewing and funeral services are still an option, and we have access to a wide variety of eco-friendly urns that can be used for burial, scattering or keeping the cremated remains at home.

Pricing Information

We can provide pricing information to create a personalized tribute that is right for you. As with any funeral home pricing, upon request, we can supply you with our General Price List. This will give you itemized costs associated with having a well-informed green service.



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